Torius dendert voort.

Tussen al de Champions League wedstrijden, het voetbal kampioenschap en en allerlei deadlines was ook nog de topper Foreholte-Torius. In de pers werd daar verdomd weinig aan dacht aan besteed, (hoe is dat nu mogelijk?). Geen interviews met speelsters, geen fotograaf, en de landelijke pers was ook niet aanwezig. Toch Read more…

The Torius Open

The US open (for both tennis and golf), the Australian Open (also for tennis), and the Torius Open Practices. Full of good spirits, I left late on a Tuesday night to Unit Sports. The Torius ladies already played their first match of their competition, and had practices during the summer break. You’ll never know how many ladies will show up at such an open practice, I thought to myself. The 10 competition girls will be there, so I was hoping for 15, that way we can find some new members.


Torius Training

The advantage of training together is the assistance you can give to each other. For instance, when the ladies are without a goalie, they borrow one from the gents. To improve the resistance and toughness of the ladies, matches between the ladies and the gents are played regularly, training break-outs Read more…