DSHV¹ Torius is the student handball association related to the TU Delft, established on June 28, 1990 by students from Delft. In the early years Torius was formed by a team of friends including Ronald van der Kraan, Marcel van de Kar, Marcel van Dijk, Arnaud Mensen, Alex Meijer, Wilfried Reincke en Mike Schouten. The name Torius origins from the invincible Roman general named Sertorius. The PulCie was founded by Marcel van Dijk in the same year.

In 1999 the statutes of DSHV Torius have been drawn up by Wouter van Vegchel. In 2008/2009 Torius offered its first competitive matches to its members in collaboration with EDH (Eerste Delftse Handbalvereniging²). During the first year the mixed Torius/EDH gents team achieved the fourth place in their poule. The ladies team, mainly consisting of Torius members with some EDH exchange player, achieved second place. After this year Torius ladies would be mixed with EDH, however the team collapsed and few continued.


In September 2009 the NSK³ beach tournament, formally organised by DSHV Torius, was cancelled due to a shooting at the yearly beach opening. In 2011 Torius organised its last NSK beach tournament at the Hoek van Holland. Because of bad weather, the attendance was disappointing. The stricter regulations after the shooting made it financially unviable for DSHV Torius to keep organising the NSK beach handball.

In 2011 Roger Haagmans and Martijn Arets have been appointed as Members of Honour. After 65 years of existence, EDH stopped in June 2014 due to a declining number of members and rising cost. At the time, still a couple of Torians played at EDH. After extensive conversations with different local handball associations, Torius started a new collaboration with RKSV Hercules in the season of 2014/2015. This same year both a new ladies team in the third class and a gents team in the first class started playing competition, both in region Midden Nederland⁴.

In the year 2014 DSHV Torius’ statutes were actualized, changing the financial year from the first of august to the first of may. This allowed for an earlier change of boards, resulting in a better preparation of the new season and OWee.

In the 25ᵗʰ year of DSHV Torius the silver lustrum took place. To celebrate this, a lustrum weekend and a lustrum gala were organised among other things. During the lustrum gala Mona Hichert was appointed as the first Member of Merit for her unbridled commitment to DSHV Torius. The lustrum theme was ‘25 years of pulling ourselves together’, aiming for the Pul.



1. Delftse Studenten Handbal Vereniging (Translation: Delft Student Handball Association)
2. Translates to: first delft handball association
3. Abbreviation for: Dutch student championship
4. Translates to: Middle of the Netherlands