Incomprehensible systems, where is this guy going with all of this. From left back defensively to center position in offense, from back center defending to left back offensively, from front center in the defense to right back in offense, all just a bunch of trainer’s talk (the coach has lost his mind once again).

I can’t remember anymore which way to go and what path to take. He has lost his mind, because we were very clear with our 30 messages in the group chat about the transport to the “hoge bomen”, he wanted to gather 10 minutes earlier. And who shows up late? (The coach has lost his mind again) There was stump in the middle of the road, he had to take a different way, through a new residential. He couldn’t find the field, he was at the wrong entrance. And than he thinks it’s weird that we are unable to understand his systems. He used to drive over bike paths, through grass fields, over the tramway, through areas where he wasn’t allowed to be. But at least he was on time. He talks a lot about being serious during the preparations, having the right mindset etc. But we are still here waiting for him. Next Sunday we have a home match, well at least home as in “Boswijk”, he lives close to Boswijk, he should at least be able to be on time then. We will have a week to think about our systems, visualizing he calls it.
All a bunch of trainer’s talk. In the end, we won with an end result of 11-31 and a shot percentage of over 60%, in part thanks to the systems from the coach who lost his mind once again.

Jan van Dongen,
Trainer and Coach Torius Ladies.

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