Sponsors of Torius

As Torius is an active association, besides playing only handball, it has a number of sponsors and donors that help to keep the association alive and well. Torius is proud to have these sponsors and we are really thankfull for these nice collaborations. If you or your company is interested in a collaboration with Torius, feel free to contact us via the contact form!

TU Delft

TU Delft is the home sponsor of DSHV Torius. Torius is affiliated with X from the TU Delft. The goal of X is to create more value for the university by contributing to the personal development of the students, the quality of the campus and the social commitment of the TU Delft. Together with students (associations), teachers, and trainers, X will offer a diverse and dynamic programme on a yearly basis.


With SponsorKliks, you can make financial contributions to Torius without it costing you anything extra! For example, you can order a pizza online through Thuisbezorgd and Torius will receive money for this. Large online stores such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Greetz, Zooplus, Expedia and many more also participate. A percentage of the purchase amount goes to Torius. And again, it costs you nothing extra! So make sure that from now on, you make your online purchases through the SponsorKliks page of Torius.

Het Klooster

Cafe Het Klooster is located in the centre of Delft. In an old but nice building, they create a nice space to have some nice drinks with friends or family. With 20 special beers on the tap and even more special beers in bottles or cans, it is a lovely place to go to. We, as Torius, organise our monthly drinks at Cafe Het Klooster. At those drinks, we drink some excellent special beers and have some nice talks.

Druk Tan Heck

Druk Tan Heck is a local printing company located in the centre of Delft. For every printing job, you can contact Druk Tan Heck. It does not matter if your printing job is small or big, Druk Tan Heck prints it with the newest technology and passion. Druk Tan Heck prints our club magazine, the Torretje, which will be published thrice yearly. All our members love the Torretje and is a nice recap of what happened at Torius the last few months.