Torius is the student handball team at the TU Delft. We have approximately 80 members, including 4 board members and several committees to take care of frequent fun activities and events. Some activities are handball-related, some are very not handball-related, but all of them are fun! We practice twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have three competition teams that you can join if you want to play competition.

Aside of the competition for gents and ladies teams, which we are playing in cooperation with R.K.S.V. Hercules in The Hague, we also take part in student handball tournaments in the Netherlands and different tournaments in Europe, as well as frequently playing friendly matches against other clubs. Additionally, we always start practicing beach-handball once the sun comes out in spring and the temperatures start to rise to a comfortable level. Fortunately, we can use the university's beach-fields for practice and thus don't need to migrate to the beaches every time.