Hey Torians,
As you may know, the GNSK are organised in Rotterdam this year. Because the University of Rotterdam does not have a handball association, the organisation of the GNSK asked us to help organise the GNSK. Therefore, we need some people who want to help us organise the handball part of the GNSK. Besides the fun time, you will get:
- free food and drink during the day
- Access to the party
- If you help more than one day, you can sleep for free at the camping

What do you need to do?
As said, you will be part of the handball organisation. This means that we are the contact person for every handball-related question. During the day, we have to make sure some people are at the match table to see if everything is going as planned. Some people must answer the question or show the participants or referees the right way to their location.

It is possible to play and help us organise this event; just let us know below if this is the case.

If you have any questions, you can always send a message to someone of the board.

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