This Thursday we will have dinner and drinks in the living room of X again! This means we can prepare our own food and bring our own drinks, making it cheaper than eating and drinking at the sportscafé. If you want to sign up for dinner and/or drinks, fill in this form before 10:00 on Thursday.

We do need some help in getting groceries and cooking, so if you can help please indicate it within the form! Groceries will be done either during the lunch break or the hour before practice. For helping with cooking, you would have time for a quick shower after practice before you are set to work. A FoodCie member will contact you if we would like your help this Thursday!

There is a chance some food could be left over, so bring a container if you don't want it to be thrown away. We hope to see you all this Thursday!

Your personal data will be stored for 3 weeks to facilitate contact tracing. After this your data will be deleted.