This year Torius got the opportunity to earn some extra money by doing a workaction for X an you can help us out! On October 17th X is going to set up the balloonhall on the tenniscourts to make sure it is possible to play tennis during the winter. In order to build this X needs many helping hands. Torius has to provide 10 people who are able to help setting up the balloonhall on monday, October 17th, from 18:00 untill 23:30 latest. If you sign up to help setting up the balloonhall, you will not only help Torius earn a nice amount of money, but X will also provide dinner and you will receive a thank you drink during the next Kloosterdrink.
Setting up the balloontent is quite physical work so keep that in mind when signing up. Hopefully we get enough people to help out and earn Torius a nice amount of money! More information will follow when you sign up and hopefully we will have a nice evening of working together on monday October 17th.

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