Torius Party ticket sale!

Hi Torians!

As you probably already know, October 8th will be the magical night of the Torius Party! Time for your fairy Godmother to sew your outfit and fly away with us to NeverLand! You are welcome to enter the pirate ship at  18.00, but don’t be late because from  19.00 to 20.00  there will be a  happy hour  and the doors will close at  22.00. When the clock strikes midnight, the spell of this night will be broken and thus this party will end at  00.00. 


To enter the pirate ship, beside a ticket, you will need a  valid QR-code of your COVID certificate. You can get this QR-code with a proof of vaccination, recovery or testing (more info on: This QR-code is only valid in combination with an  identity document (ID-card, passport, drivers license).  


If you want to join the party you can get your  tickets  in this form down below! The tickets are  €5,- and you also have the option to buy  10, 20 or 50 coins. But don’t worry, the coins will also be sold at the party! The price of the coins will be €1,20 per coin


The FeesCie hopes to see all of you dress up like your favorite Disney character. For the best dressed princess, dalmatian, beast, alien, underwater figure or wooden person will be an award!

We hope to see you all at this incredible night!


De FeesCie

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