December 12th, 2021

WHC H2 vs Torius H1

Auteur: Bernat Baleta Riera

Sunday was matchday for the first Torius team, this time in The Hague. The game was going to be challenging: the opponent was one position above us in the top part of the table. Another consecutive weekend, the game was going to be played without official practices during the week, due to the new corona measures. However, the team was ready to put all the effort and sacrifice required to bring the two points back to Delft. They were not going to be irrelevant points since they were determining for us to compete for the league top positions.

During the warm-up, it was already possible to see that WHC was not going to give us any advantage. They had some strong players that for sure were not going to doubt in the 1 vs 1. Thijs’ instructions before the match were already in these lines, added to the again successful strategy of denying the pass to the wingers. The match started with an impeccable organization in attack and defense from our side, which showed since first instance our intentions for the game. In defense, our solid 6-0 was effective to help each other and close spaces, and all of use were putting effort to prevent shoots from 9 meters. In attack, some pressure from the sides, plays and 1 vs 1 were enough to create spaces and score. The first minutes were really good for us. However, a tactical change in WHC affected the direction of the game: they shifted to a 5-0 defense placing a man to man onto Juan. After some initial hesitation, we found our way and could tackle the new defensive system. Half time arrived and we were 3 goals up.

After the half time talk, we knew perfectly what we needed to improve: more communication in defense, faster transitions between attack and defense and to stay away from the complaints of the opponent. We kept the same energy and focus that we had in the first half, something that was relevant during the first minutes. We got an important advantage in the scoreboard, something that allowed us to play more comfortably in attack. The minutes were passing, and we were fresher than the opponent, who was struggling to go back in defense. We made full use of the breakouts, mainly thanks to our wingers, who were sprinting all the time and scoring. 5 minutes before the end and we were already comfortably ahead, making the last minutes an easy time for us. End of the game and mission accomplished, we are ready to look up and fight for the top positions of the league!

December 5th, 2021

Torius D1 vs Feyenoord Handbal DS2

Auteur: Enri Mammana

This game was played at home, in our usual hall X3. We all had a strange feeling, since due to the new measures, some of us did not have the chance to train for the whole week. Despite this, the motivation was high, and when the referee finally whistled the start of the match, we were able to start off an amazing game, highlighted in the first minutes with a few remarkable shots by Fleur and Anne Lynn. Also remarkable was a very neat shot from Imke on the right wing, which set off a loud roar from the scarce cheering crowd. The first half of the game, also thanks to some great goalkeeping by Marta, ended with a decent score of 12-15, in favor of our opponents.
The second half did not start with the same high energy of the first one, and Feyenoord’s players did not miss this chance. They quickly gained a big advantage of 10 points. Towards the last 10 minutes of the game, we almost got back on track, with a series of nice shots from Ana. Sadly this was not enough, and our opponents were just too good. We concluded the second half with a score of 21-32 in favor of Feyenoord.
In the changing rooms, the animo was not too low. We were rather worried about our next trainings during these uncertain times. We could also enjoy some Dutch specialties (pepernoten?) kindly baked by Ana. Our Sunday ended here, looking forward to what the next week has in store for us!

December 5th, 2021

Torius H1 vs SOS-Kwieksport HS1

Auteur: Thijs Braaksma

It is a gentle autumn morning in the beginning of December, birds are chirping in Delft and the Gents of the first Torius team are preparing for their match against the yet unbeaten leader of the league. Other teams already told us the opponent SOS-Kwieksport are a tough team, so we knew we would have to give it our all to win this match. We started with the team meeting in the changing room and then the regular warm up.
After greeting the opponent and referee Thijs did some last motivational words and Juan shouted the famous words “TI-TA” and the rest of the gents came in with “TORIUS” to fill the hall -where no spectators were allowed- with sound. The referee blew his whistle, we start with the ball. The first few attacks and defences went well so we could start of with a lead of 3-0 to 7-2. It was going really well for the gents and this might have gotten in their head, so SOS could get a bit more touch on the match, 9-6. Another defensive system was tried to hold of the comeback of the opponent however this did not work, and it became more and more tensive. After 2 minutes suspensions on both sides the half-time score was 16-15 in favour of the Torius gents.
However, there was some confusion between the referee and the matchtable, the score should have been 15-16 in favour of SOS according to the referee and that is where we started with in the second half. The first part of the second half both teams were quiet in balance and if we could keep the pace up, we might have the benefit of our fitness. We could stay within a two-goal difference through the first half of the second half, 20-21. During the attack where we could get besides SOS, Biebs was trying to make a one versus one battle, during this battle he stepped wrong, this was disastrous for his knee. He fell and Fleur and Imke and the medic of X came in to help him. After this sad interruption the gents got together to get their head back up “This one is for Biebs, TI-TA-TORIUS”. In the remaining phase of the match the gents, however, did not get back in the game and SOS could make the gap bigger, 22-26. When the referee whistled the end signal the score was concluded at 25-31.
Sadly Sinterklaas and Piet did not bring us a win against the leader of the league, but we know we can make it difficult against them and might even get some points in the away match. Biebs we wish you get well soon and hopefully we can welcome you back in the handball field shortly!

November 28th, 2021

Torius H1 vs Rijnstreek HS1

Author: Lars Hainke

Last Sunday it was time to meet at X again, which means it’s home-matchday for Torius in Delft. After two consecutive losses during the past weeks, it was finally time to switch things around and collect two points again to not lose too much to the leading three in the championship.


Knowing that possibly – due to freshly implied new COVID measures – it could be our last match of 2021, everyone was focused and on fire already before the match had even started. Therefore, after a good warmup, the plan was clear: We wanted to start-off well, enjoy the game and eventually keep these two points home.


Challenge accepted. From the beginning on it was clear to see, that we were going to be the leading team in this match. After a few difficulties in our defense in the beginning of the match, which led to bigger gaps and easy breakthroughs for Rijnstreek, we managed to stand closer together and switched between the 6-0 and 5-1 systems, resulting in a more robust and secure way of defending.
In the attack during this time, Juan was the leading player, pulling gaps and jumping through the opponent’s defense with determination. Rijnstreek then had to react and started to defend Juan in a man-to-man coverage. This however, didn’t have the wanted effect. While Juan was making space by pulling his personal guard out of the defense, Bernat took over responsibility leading the game in the back and broadened it, which led to even bigger gaps and a good play together with the line player. Thus, after the first 30 minutes we already had a bit of a comfortable lead over the opponent.


Now it was just important to not slow down, to keep up the focus and to not take the game to easily in the second half. This we – mostly – did. Of course, in the end there were some sloppy mistakes here and there, but we were able to compensate them with quick and easy goals by taking the chances given by the remaining gaps in the opponent’s defense.


All in all, it was a good appearance and good quality handball shown by Torius, which in the end led to a well-deserved 37-22 victory. Let’s just hope that it wasn’t the last match of 2021, and if it was, that we take the good flow of this match to the coming matches next year (hopefully with the support from the tribunes again).

November 21st, 2021

Saturnus Leiden HS3 vs Torius H2

Author: Bram Hekker

The entire selection of the Torius gent’s competition went to Leiden to play some handball. As Hugo prevented us from watching each other’s games in the stands, coach Thijs had come up with a plan to get around these covid measures. Some of us had sneaked into the cafeteria and ordered some All Activity® drink (sponsor pending), from where the game was visible. Sadly the cafeteria was blocked sound-proof from the field, thus the first team couldn’t actually hear the cheering of the second team.

After the loss of Torius H1, the tactic was to clear our minds: forget everything and start again. We took this advice by heart, and literally forgot everything. What is a handball? Who are we? Why am I here? Luckily our confusion was as contagious as covid, and our opponent was infected quickly. After almost 15 minutes the scoreboard read a mere 4-3.

Maartje wasn’t having it and started shouting directions. This activated some animals from within us as we copied here volume and soon the line player from Saturnus felt like he was being chased like by the ME during a covid demonstration. Thijs also tried to support us, but his voice was spent on a previous match, so a gently humid breeze was all that came from his direction. All support was welcome however, and the first team learned from our mistake: they stood outside the cafeteria to cheer us on

This mental motivation really made us improve both in defense and offense. Communication in defense was much better, and good pressure made diamonds getting through and scoring goals much easier. Also Fred’s energy level was at an all time high as all the sugar istomes kicked in, which made him stop a penalty single handedly. We ended the match with a well-deserved victory 17-25.

November 14th, 2021

Torius H2 vs Feyenoord Handbal H4

Auteur: Sander Velsink

On november 14th it was time for already the fourth game of the season. This time we had to play against the team of our trainer Patrick. The match was played at our home base X, directly after the game of the other gents team. This meant that we only had a few fresh players left, so they had to start the game and set the energy for the game. Almost directly from the start, it was clear this both teams where quite even and it was going to be a tough game. After a good start the score was about even after 25 minutes of playing. However, in a weak moment in the last five minutes of the first half, we let Feyenoord get away and so the half time score was 10-13 in favor of Feyenoord. In the second half we started really strong and we got even in about five minutes, after this the difference stayed between the 0 and -2 point and this meant the last five minutes of the game where going to be really thrilling. Unfortunately, Feyenoord suffered to injuries in the last ten minutes of the game and with both teams already being tired, this meant the final few minutes where going to be even more exciting. In these last five minutes the team really showed how hard we could work and how much we already learned from the previous games we played. This meant that with two amazing goals from Jorik and Matthijs we were able to take the win. The game resulted in a 24-22 win and everyone was really happy with that. After the game the captain of the team gave a speech to express how happy he was with the resilience of the team and how everyone kept on working hard until the end of the game. All in all a very nice game to watch back to and a good motivator for the upcoming games!

November 14th, 2021

Torius H1 vs Oliveo H2

Auteur: Thijn van Zelst

After the recent matches where the referee was not present, we were glad to see a referee at the start of the match.

Both Oliveo and us started with an almost full bench. Immediately from the start of the match it was obvious both teams were about equally matched; in the first 15 minutes of the match only 4 goals were scored. In this period the defence was excellent, but the goalies on both sides kept their goals closed even for fast breaks and penalties. This led to a halftime score of 5-6 in favour of Oliveo.

In the second half both teams started becoming more frustrated and more aggressive. Some two minute penalties were given out and it became obvious that the referee had trouble keeping both teams in check. During these two minute penalties Oliveo started gaining, and didn’t relinquish their hold on this advantage. We came close, with the score being 13-15 with just 4 minutes to play. Unfortunately, another two minute penalty sealed the deal and we lost the match with a score of 14 to 18.

Of course it is disappointing to lose in this way, but the team showed excellent defensive skills during the match. Given the amount of penalties we got against us and the many breaks we missed we are confident that with more training and more matches we will start winning these matches. Ultimately it was a valuable lesson for the entire team which we will take to heart for the rest of the year!

November 7th, 2021

Hellas H4 vs Torius H1

Auteur: Ivo Aben

Here we go again, for the second time this season there was no referee present for the match of the first team. Luckily there was a legend from Hellas who wants to be the referee. Because we were playing at the same time as the second team and there were some injuries, we started the game after some delay due to the referee problem with only two substitutes, but we still had one more than the opponent.
We had quite a good start and after a couple of minutes we were already about 5 goals ahead and continued to extend this lead throughout the match. With some good actions in defence and some nice saves from the goalie we were able to prevent them from scoring much. With the result that the half time score was already 6-19.
In the second half we keep on scoring, but we also missed some big chances, so there is still some room for improvement for the finishing. The scoreline made some opponents a little bit frustrated and fortunately we did not suffer any injuries because of them.
Because we had a big lead in the match, we were able to try the switches and saw that there was still much to be improved.
A good point about the match was that everybody scored, except Ivo(he had a shot on goal). We also managed to keep their score under 10 goals, so the match ended with a score of 9-36 in our favour.

October 31st, 2021

Torius H2 – Indus'67 H1

Auteur: Alex Baudoin

The match between Hercules HS4 and Indus'67 HS1 on sunday 31 october seemed to become a career ending loss for the home team even after Alex Baudoin scored a tremendous goal for the team, but after a comback they still lost 22 - 24. Here and there were a few uproars due to the adrenaline, but thanks to the referees it was generally a sporty match.

October 30th, 2021

Torius H1 – Northa HS1

Auteur: Juan Bas

After unfortunately not being able to play the previous weekend, the first team of the gents of Torius finally played their first official match of the competition. Every player was very excited to start and was in perfect physical conditions for the match. Sadly, some players were not able to join the game due to injuries, nevertheless, there was a comfortably big number of players anyway, even larger than Northa’s.

The game started not too smoothly, for the first 15 minutes the biggest difference in score between both teams was of two goals, however, Torius was always on the lead. Our gents started with a high pace, which favoured Torius with some breakout goals that set the rhythm for the rest of the match. Northa played at a slower pace, which benefitted our team. One flaw in the gents’ game would be the considerably high number of ball losses due to pass inaccuracies or poor receptions. Fortunately, this was fixed when reaching the second part of the first half of the game. Thanks to the aggressive defending of our team, Northa started to make silly mistakes, and, since they could not keep up with the high pace, it is clear how at the end of the first half the score was 14-7, in favour of Torius.

The second half started shortly after. Once the coach made clear that our opponents attack was quite repetitive, the number of Northa’s successful attacks decreased even more. Our team also realised that the wingers were usually free if enough pressure was applied on their defence, thus, the players in this position had many more chances to score. However, their goalkeeper, who was fairly good in general, made sure that almost half of our shots from the wings did not reach their final destination inside the goal. Even then, Torius managed to comfortably increase their advantage up to a difference of 13 goals. During the last ten minutes of the match, the tiredness was apparent for both teams. On the one hand, Northa would make poor shots at the goal easily saved by our goalie; on the other hand, Torius would not make the systems work in attack and would have miscommunications in defence leaving the line players (even double lines) free in multiple occasions.

The match ended with a score of 26-15, the first official victory of the year of the first team of Torius. To sum up, it was a game in which the high pace and the aggressiveness in defence were essential to achieve the comfortable win that turned out to be. Every player in the bench got to play, the support from the audience was outstanding, and it was a great way to celebrate Wout’s birthday.

October 24th, 2021

Drechtsteden H4 - Torius H2
Auteur: Leo Szücs
What a great start for the second team of Torius! By that I mean not all of us managed to be there on time and some of us barely managed to find the entrance of the stadium. Nonetheless, even before the game, the more eager members were still looking at the switches, uncovering the ingenuity of the well-known “Bubbles” technique, and already envisioning how an effective “Zeeland” will just eliminate the opposition’s defense from the game. Warm up starts with a great mood and now we are ready for the game. Some of us were anxious, some of us just full of adrenalin when the starting whistle blew. The match has begun and there is no way back.
The game starts in our favour. The crowd goes wild after Tim’s first goal, breaking the ice, and quite possibly, the fingers of the keeper. In the next attempt we even doubled the number of goals, from a good pass Leo could score from the line. As time goes on we manage to keep a 2-3 goal advantage on the other team, although the number of goals is still really low by the 15th minute. That is all thanks to our wonderful debuting keeper Fred, who even saved two penalties with such ease, making it seem like a walk in the park. It is also about high time we reveal our so far hidden weapon. Our second keeper, Lars, enters the stadium. With his saves in the second part of the first half, we even managed to lead by four by half-time(13-9). This lead was also supplemented by our great pressure goals in the attack and a well-coordinated defense.
The second half begins and the first signs of tiredness show up on both teams. While their shots become lazier and we block many of them, our passes in the attack lose focus and do not always reach the target. As in the first half, the players are frequently rotated to keep everyone fresh, and to have everyone play. The referee also keeps us on our toes by making us repeat every single starting pass so we could not make a fast break. I guess he was just considerate and tries to keep us more energized. As the game is approaching its final stages, we are getting to our most defocused so far and let them get closer to us in the score. Keep in mind though, we had 2 subs, while they had a whole army. Some say, (for example the referee after the game in his speech) that we just pitied them and let them score some to make them feel they could win. I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation. In the final moments they came to only a one goal difference when their last attack began. Everybody was biting their nails, nobody was sure what would happen. After 59 minutes of constant lead, could this be the moment that they make it to a draw? Could this last attack potentially demolish the effort our team has put in so far to win this game?
Well it did not, we won 21-20.
To sum it up: Exhilarating, Referee, Proud, Fun, Teamwork, Friendship, Handball, Beautiful, Amazing, Triumphant, Scored, VicTorius.
That’s all folks, keep up the good work.

October 24th, 2021

Warmunda H1 - Torius H1
Auteur: Niek van der Horst

On 24 October, the first team of Torius should have played a match. Unfortunately, after a 40-minute drive to Warmunda, the referee decided not to show up... However, we still got the chance to play a 30 minute friendly, which we won 12-17. The first few minutes went very well by making good use of our first and second phase. However, after that we let them play their game. In attack their wings did not play that deep in the corners and therefore functioned more like wide backs. Our defence should have anticipated this more and step out to defend their long shots and make more use of our speed. As a result, the score got a little closer midway through the game, but we still managed to extend it at the end and finish with a difference of 5 goals.

It was a bummer that we could not play an official game, but it was nice to get a bit of match rhythm. Also, a very big shout-out to Thijs for volunteering to be a referee.

February 3, 2019

Oliveo H3 - Torius H1
Auteur: de topscoorder
De wedstrijd waar iedereen de hele week naar uitkeek. Vorige keer tegen Oliveo speelden onze heren een knaller van een wedstrijd, en wonnen met 16 punten verschil! Zou het weer zo'n dag worden? Een ding was zeker, daar zat potentie in!
Blijkbaar had het team zoveel vertrouwen in deze return dat de helft het liet afweten. Maar dankzij de strijdlustige Drenthenaar Thyske en met Halvemaan op doel, wisten we toch nog een team met maar liefst één wissel te produceren.
Het fluitsignaal, de wedstrijd barst los, het publiek word wild. De eerste minuten gaan redelijk gelijk op, waarin enkele mannen van Torius nog wennen aan hun nieuwe positie, en Jan de tegenstander nauwlettend analyseert. 3-4 in het voordeel van Torius.
Nu Hidde het laat afweten, staat Wout op als ware breakloper, en sprint iedereen de moeder. Ook Jolla solliciteert naar de breakloop functie, maar wordt genadeloos neergehaald door de jongens van Oliveo wanneer hij opspringt.  Vrije bal voor Olvieo, lijkt me duidelijk. Jan was het daar mee eens, complimenteerde de scheidsrechter op zijn fluitkunsten, en vergeleek hem zelfs met een scheids van nationaal topniveau!
Torius houdt het tempo laag om energie te sparen voor het dun bevolkte team. We gaan met een voorsprong de rust in: 9-12
Jan is tevreden, de spelers zijn opgewekt en nog niet uitgeput. We gaan de tweede helft in met maar één doel: winst. Alle wissels en systemen worden uit de kast getrokken om er met de aanval doorheen te komen. En met succes: Thyske trekt de hele verdediging open waarna de opbouwers er zo doorheen lopen.
Ook achterin succes, omdat Torius als een muur staat te dekken. En zelfs als er wat doorheen komt, staat Halvemaan te keepen als een beest. Uiteindelijk scoort Bram de 26e, en gooien we het achterin op slot. Oliveo blijft steken op 17, dat had net geen zin.
Eindstand 17-26.

January 29, 2017

HMS/Achilles HS1 vs. Hercules HS4

After a large losing streak, it was necessary to give it our all when playing against HMS Achilles. The match took place the 29th of January, in the city of Utrecht. Before the match the team come together for a preparation talk, and once that warm up routine was completed the game started.

During the first few attacks the Torians were in high spirits, even though the first goal was one of HMS. Unfortunately, over the next few minutes HMS was able to score more and more, while the attack of our gents faltered. This lead to a fading team spirit, resulting in a messy first half. The first half ended in a devastating 19 – 6, with HMS firmly in the lead.

Even though the hopes for a win were dashed, we were able to get ourselves together and play a relatively nice second half. We made it clear that we did not forget how to play a nice game of handball, scoring a couple of nice goals, which lead to the final score of 35-17. This means our losing streak remains unbroken, but left our team wanting to win the rest of their matches.


January 22, 2017

Hercules HS4 vs. Leidsche Rhijn HS1

So the home game against Leidsche Rijn was on again. The team which was ended in the top 3 as long as the gents where playing them. We knew this was going to be a hard match, we were only able to win one match out of the five times we met before. Also Torius was coping with lots of injuries and haven’t been performing the way we wanted from the beginning of the season.

Although we only had one substitute, we started the game with unusual high spirits. This resulted in a strong defence and innovating attack. Leidsche Rijn was playing their usual game; a slow pace but full of strong shots and clever plays. They were, as expected, leading after the first half with just four points.

In the second half we were able to keep on playing our own fast game. Leidsche Rijn in their turn kept slowing the game down and try to keep their advantage with experienced clever plays and fouls. But even with three times 2 minutes against their eight times, we weren’t able to turn the tides against this strong team. The game ended in a close 21-23.


November 6, 2016

Leidsche Rhijn HS1 vs. Hercules HS4

After scoring 3 points out of 2 matches the Torius gents were up for their 3th match. It was promising to become a tough one since the opponent, Leidsche Rhijn, won both matches the previous season. However, every match starts with a 0-0 score and we were eager toshow our improvements. When we arrived at the hall it was almost freezing, but after a good warming up we were ready for the match. At the start of the first half we had some difficulties scoring and our defence was not yet on a top level. That’s why Leidsche Rhijn was able to start on a 5-0 run. But when we knew our opponent’s strengths our defence was able to adapt and consequently improved a lot. Combine that solid defence with some quick good attacks and we were back in the game. Still missing lots of changes, we finished the first half at a 10-8 score in favour of Leidsche Rhijn.

Unfortunately, the second half started the way the first half did. Our game was characterized by difficulties finding the back of the net. The experienced opponents managed to force us into their slow and static game, which they used to expand their lead further and further. Only in the past few minutes we were able to find back to our nominal strength.

Although losing by quite a big margin, we were at times able to trade barbs on the same level with a very strong opponent. We did learn a lot from this match, about strength and weakness of Leidsche Rhijn, but even more of ourselves. We will see them next time at Unit Sport in Delft, where the scoreboard will be reset. Next time we will have them!

October 30, 2016

Hercules HS4 vs. Nijenrodes HS1

In the run-up to the first home match of this season the atmosphere within the team was very positive. Everyone was looking forward to the match and eager to show a memorable performance to the supporters.
The first half started in favor of the visitors and they managed to get a 1-3 lead in the first six minutes of the game. After a good period of fast and secure play, Hercules managed to level out the score to 4-4 in under four minutes! From this point on, neither of the two teams managed to get a lead of more than two goals. What followed was a period of fluctuations where the teams changed their lead. Both teams tried to hold on to their lead, but in the end neither succeeded. Both teams went into the break with a 12-12 score.
The second half of the game was once more equally matched which would result in a suspenseful match. The first part of the second half was in the favor of Nijenrodes. Nijenrodes managed to stay in the lead for twenty minutes, even though their lead did not consist of more than two points. After twenty-five minutes Hercules finally made the goal which put them in the lead. Nijenrodes tried to level out the score with a final offensive, however an unexpected ‘bowling’ shot from the left back Michel surprised everyone including the goalkeeper of Nijenrodes. Victory for Hercules: 21-20!

October 23, 2016

US HS3 – Hercules (R) HS4

The first match of the season for the Torius rangers was to be played on the 23rd of October in Amsterdam. The team has undergone some drastic changes compared to last year including a new trainer/coach. A practice- and team bonding weekend had just passed, turning the boys into undefeatable team of power rangers. With high hopes and expectations, they set sail (took the train) to the capital.
The first shots were fired by the students from Delft and hit the target, they were off to a good start. It soon turned out however, that US was an opponent that one cannot easily defeat. The defense of Torius was tested severely and withstood many challenges but in the end had to take some damage. Upgraded systems and creative attacks (black power ranger sitting down mid fast break) kept the fight really tight. Both teams were well matched, the goal difference rarely exceeded two goals, as the halftime score shows: 12-13.
After a quick evaluation of the first half, with some lovely statistics provided by our own one legged power ranger Mark, the squad was motivated to play again. The second half was very similar to the first as the teams balanced the score constantly. In the last five minutes Torius gave away the lead by two, but US had lost one of their fighters for two minutes. This was the perfect opportunity to go and claim the victory. All was going according to plan, with the scores all tied up again in the last minute and the ball at hand of the Torians. Sadly however, no goal was produced from the last attack and both team stranded on a perfect draw of 26-26 (for which a bravo is in order)

Preparations up and running

The Torius gents have a clear goal for the upcoming season: Become champions! To achieve this goal, many of our team members have been busy with some personal training all summer long, and now the team has already started to practice together once more. We want to make sure we are completely prepared to start off strong upcoming season.

February 2, 2016

Hercules HS4 vs Nieuwegein HS2 21-19
Bygone Sunday was another home match day for our HS4 Team. After suffering from clear losses in the past three games, a win was crucial for the self confidence and the positioning in the standings. With this in mind, we were happy to host the basement boys from Nieuwegein HS2. We got off to a good start, playing fast attacks emerging from a consequently acting defence. One could see immediately that making the game fast was to our benefit, as our team was a lot younger and could draw on more substitutes. This led to an early lead of 4:1 in the first five minutes. Following the promising start, the rest of the first 30 minutes was characterized by both team’s inabilities to get the ball in the back of the net. Whereas our goalies certainly contributed to the fact that our opponents hardly scored anygoals, our struggles were mainly self-imposed. After we managed to hit the post a good 7 times and missing the goal another 3 times, the first 30 minutes ended with a disappointing score of 7:7. Our coach seemed to have found the right words during the break, as we started the second half with the effort we showed in the first few minutes. A solid defence and decent goalkeeping made our opponents turn the ball over and we punished them by fast played, easy goals. The score line went from 11:8 in the 40th minute over 15:10 to 18:13 with ten minutes left on the clock. Although our opponents did not seem to be interested in turning the match round, bad individual efforts in defence and nervous turn overs in the attack enabled them to get back into the game, so that our lead shrank to one goal (20:19) with two minutes to play. In a beautiful bit of play we managed to create a wide open space on the left wing, from where Pietro sealed the deal at 21:19. Throughout the match there were a lot of things that we have to improve on, which is a good thing and means that we can still become a whole lot better. In the end we have to be happy breaking the negative streak, collecting two points and giving our self confidence a little uplift, even if it was certainly not a good game.

November 28th, 2021

Torius D1 vs ROAC DS1

Auteur: Marjolein Wolbers

Today we played against ROAC. The beginning was very good we had a lead with 2-0. But sadly that didn't last that long. We did defend pretty good, only we didn't score that many goals. The other team was very fast and played very well and smooth with each other. At half-time it was 13-6. After the break we had some great goals and we were improving our game, but the opponent did so too. So in the end we lost with 16-31.

We still played our own game, so that was nice! After the game we had some arretjescake from Marjo with a lot of chocolate, butter and sugar.

November 7th, 2021

Atomium'61 DS2 vs Torius D1

Auteur: Demi Telussa

On the early morning of November the 7th, we gathered at X for an away match in Rotterdam. Of course everyone was super fit and slept the full 8 hours because exam time was over! We were completely ready for this match, scheduled at 10.00, against Atomnium.

When entering the hall and while warming up we spotted that our opponent was using wax on the balls. Challenge number one. This definitly didn’t hold us back and we started the first half with full enthusiasm! Sadly, Amy and Aaf we’re not able to play this week due to injuries, but they were very supportive and helpful on the bench. We had some problems getting the
feel of the glue on the ball, but after some attacks and passes, we girls always find a way to handle sticky balls. We were a few points behind but we managed to close the gap to just 3 points at the break. After a good pep talk from both Matthijs and Amy we started the second half.

This didn’t go as well as the first and we didn’t score goals for quite some minutes. We proved that we never give up because we ended the match with a score of 19 -17. Atomium won, but we managed to have a difference of just 2 points. Luckily Aaf made some nice red velvet brownies to eat away our loss.


October 31st, 2021

Torius D1 vs Drechtsteden D1

Auteur: Rosa Schnebli

This was the first home game of the season. We met up at 13:00 at X and after everyone was there, we slowly changed and then went into the hall. The goals were already set up but we still had some time and helped setting up the table and the benches before warming up.

The game took some time to get going. It was a rather weird game to play as not a lot of attacks were built up. Still we defended quite good and managed to go into the second half with a lead. Drechtsteden did not manage to catch up with us and we therefore won the game with 19-15.


October 24th, 2021

WPK/Westlandia DS4 vs Torius D1

Auteur: Eva Pistone

The first match of a long awaited compition season!
After the long wait during all the lockdowns, the first match started out great as two minutes in our amazing goal keep Marta had an amazing save with her right foot. She then followed that up with four similar amazing saves! At 11:34 our wonderful Fleur made 4-5 with an penalty! During the first half, we had the opponents offence on their toes as they were unable to reach their wings due to our amazing defence, in particular our wings players Rosa, Imke and Ana! We ended the first half with a score of 6-9 behind.
The second half starts out great as Fleur scores the 7-10 despite needing to manoeuvre through several defenders. She then follows up with a great defence and a penalty she scores via a rebound on the opponents goal keep! This is then followed by Tamar scoring the 10-15 via a penalty gained by our lovely Josephine! Our amazing Tamar then scores from the 9 meter, making 11-16. After Tamar scores our 12 goal with a penalty, Ana scores the 13th from the right wing! In the last 5 minutes of the match, our wonderful Marjolein has a breakout across the whole court and scores the 14-18!
Unfortunately we did lose with 14-21, but all in all not bad for a first time with a new team! We all enjoyed Fleur's amazing brownies as we looked forward to many more fun matches!
Torius Ladies 3
Hercules Den Haag


January 26, 2020

Torius vs. Saturnus '72 DS1

The first half starts slowly. Ten minutes go by and there are no goals at all. Not like the Torius ladies at all, who mostly score the first goal in the first half. The teams are matched with a few beautiful goals. Gijsen scores three times in a row with well-aimed goals in the top corner. Also not unimportant to tell: Gevers scored her first goal and the whole room bursts out laughing and cheering. "Niet normaal. De hele zaal. Complete hal. Stuiterbal." (for this Brabo, as no. 11 is Carnaval’s lucky number). 7-8 is the interim score in advantage of Saturnus ’72.

In the second half, the score quickly changes to 10-15. After a few minutes, the ladies feel they really have to do something otherwise the match will be a ‘waste’ of their effort, after such a beautiful break score. Imagining they ‘vastly’ lost the previous match against Ridderkerk with an end score of 22-10. Wijnker wasn’t in the shape she normally is in the first half, but now there’s some change. She receives a long pass from Ebbers, who intercepts the ball in defense and misses, but after that, she quickly returns with a bomb in the upper corner as we are used to from her. The Torius ladies fight themselves back to a beautiful score of 13-16 with still 13min16sec to go. How will this continue? From this moment on the chances are quite equal. Saturnus manages the whole time to just be that one step ahead of Torius, but the last 3,5 minutes of the game are really exciting. Saturnus is playing two sloppy offenses and Torius is able to play the last attack, but seconds are running down and the last 30, 20, 10, 9, 8 seconds are there to end this match. In the last 5 (!!) seconds the tension is on point, lineplayer Arkensteijn gets a magnificent pass from front back Boel and she… scoooooooooores! What a stunning and thrilling tie game both teams played. With a fair 18-18 the match has come to its end. A little strength from our sponsor Maltha sport must have been involved.

The third half is tasteful as always. Imke, who made her very first goal in this match, made a nice herb cake accompanied by mascarpone crème and walnuts on top. Tastyyy! Thanks to all supporters who have encouraged us and also helped us to eat the cake. Relevant.

Blue love,

Torius Ladies 3

Hercules Den Haag

November 17, 2019

Torius vs. Westlandia DS4

Already the fourth match of the season. A lot of parents, the usual going-strong male support ánd Jappie decided to come and watch the match. What are the ladies up to? Win or lose?

The first half of the first half starts of quite sloppy. A lot of the Torius ladies receive a yellow card for not watching their defense techniques enough. Also, the referee is not averse to giving yellow cards and penalties  The second half on the other hand is going really well. Everyone starts to wake up and talk to each other in defense like they never did before. The ladies take the lead from 7-7 on and bring the score to 7-8, 8-8, 8-9 and counting. Some really nice goals from Wijnker, Arkensteijn, Sonneveld and Van Eeden are following. Also Telussa scores a beautiful bounce goal, as Mooij said to do in the beginning, from the wing. In the end of this half they take the head position with an interim score of 13-9.

Jonas is happy. He saw the 6-0 defense Arkensteijn sr. decided to apply in the last part of the first half didn’t work out as good as the 5-1 the girls did in the beginning and…. Literally in first attack, the 5-1 worked out Zuppa (richtig Jonas?), because Van Eeden scores from an attack by ‘play out’ the Westlandia ladies. Unfortunately directly afterwards Westlandia is fighting itself back to a score of 16-16 and from that moment on the teams are matched. But… after some awesome jump shots of Wijnker, some great turns from Arkensteijn and some inventive interceptions of Van Eeden the match ends with a final score of 22-21. Woooooooooh! The first won game.

In the third half the gain of the girls is celebrated with a delicious creamy mousse pie with mango made by Arkensteijn. Talking-while-eating’s main topic is Lustrum Pubcrawl Two and the new Maupie for this activity. Also the next match isn’t going by unmentioned.

Torius Ladies 3
Hercules Den Haag

November 10, 2019

Saturnus DS1 vs. Torius

Third time's the charm, right? Or as the Dutch say ‘Driemaal is scheepsrecht’, ja toch? Let’s see for ourselves.

The ladies had some start-up problems. Due to the Lustrum Pubcrawl of yesterday? Nooo, of course not. It was just quite early in the morning as the match started at 13.00 in the Sunday afternoon already. Unfortunately the match wasn’t going as the ladies hoped for. But… in the defense they were much stronger than in the second match, so the technique practices worked out well. There’s a final score of 22-14.

The beloved baking (a brownie!!) of Fleur helped us recover from the game. It was a little crumbly, just as the ladies themselves, ‘lekker uitbrakken’ this Sunday and chat about the first Lustrum Crawl. There is better hope for next week!

Torius Ladies 3
Hercules Den Haag

November 3, 2019

Torius vs. Schipluiden DS1

The first home match. Massive support from the gents as they played their game just before us.

Bring it on!

This match did start of quite well. The ladies of Torius were focused. But… after a few minutes Schipluiden is way faster than Torius and scores a few goals from break-outs and also from doing awfully fast come-backs. There’s an interim score of 5-18.

Torius ladies, really: watch your catching and defense. This time the new team didn’t function as promising as they did the match before. There’s a final score of 8-29. By the way, after the match Den Hengst announced she can join Arkensteijn sr. as assistant-coach, so thanks for that Den Hengst. We could learn a lot!

Let’s see thing positive and let’s train to improve on catching and throwing, techniques and switches. In the third half we had a delicious apple pie made by Maartje which was partly good for healing our wounds.

Torius Ladies 3
Hercules Den Haag

October 27, 2019

ODIS DS1 vs. Torius

The first match of the season for Torius Ladies 3. Let's see what that has to offer us. 14.40 on the clock, let the games begin…

The first half of the match starts of exciting. The teams are matched. After 2 goals of Odis, Van Eeden, with her unpredictable twist, managed to score the first goal for Torius in the upper left corner. After that, a lot of goals from Wijnker followed. Wijnker also participated in a lot of cross passes. Ebbers, who did not really manage to keep her peace from the corner last year, this time was comfortable in it and scored in the upper corner after a cross of Van Eeden’s side. Josephine also scored a nice one in her first official adult competition match. The referee is not averse to giving yellow cards and penalties and two players of Odis had to leave the field for two minutes. The first half is sympathic further on. There is an interim score of 19-13 in favour of Odis.

The second half there’s a strong start of Torius, but again the score is increasing steadily, so unfortunately no close call. The ladies close the race with a loss, the final score of 28-23. All in all, not bad for a first time with a new team. As mentioned by the ladies, next time they’re gonna kick some ass!

The third half was great too. Demi was this week's ‘koekenbakker’ and she baked one of the most incredible Blondies with pieces of, Dutch Sinterklaas sweets, kruidnoot and pieces of chocolat. Fat!! We have ‘made this ours’. The necessary gossip about the Torius Party still was discussed and the upcoming Lustrum gala ánd dates were also not undisputed. Lex Arkensteijn, Arkensteijn’s father and our coach to be, unfortunately couldn’t make it, because of a wonderful trip to Paris. So Boel was our interim coach. Thanks for being Boel!

Torius Ladies 3
Hercules Den Haag

February 3, 2019

Hercules DS3 vs. Conventus DS1
De wedstrijd tegen Conventus gaat goed van start voor de dames van Torius. Ze komen al snel met 4-1 voor te staan. De goals van Den Hengst jr. mogen hier niet onopgemerkt blijven. Zij wordt meerdere keren, vanuit een break-out, als een kanon op goal afgevuurd, maar mikt de bal vervolgens met alle zorgvuldigheid in de goal. De eertse helft verloopt verder sportief en er is een ruststand van 10-6.
De tweede helft begint met flink mooie goals van onder andere Arkensteijn, vanaf de cirkel, en Van Eeden, vanaf de opbouw. Ook vanaf Den Hengst sr.'s opbouw gaan er een paar ballen, vooral na break-outs, stevig in. Het zicht op de hoeken werd af en toe ontnomen, maar ook zij hebben hun steentje bij kunnen dragen in de wedstrijd.
De tweede helft kenmerkt zich vooral door mooi samenspel en de dames laten hier maar weer blijken dat ze goed samen kunnen spelen. Er zijn flink wat penalty's uitgedeeld en keer op keer weet Wijnker ze snoeihard in de linkeronderhoek te scoren. Bij penalty 8, de laatste, trapt de keepster van Conventus er helaas niet meer in. Snijders, gewoonlijk hoekspeelster, heeft heerlijk staan keepen en 'stond haar mannetje' retegoed, ze hield zelfs de penalty tegen. Zoals Arkensteijn en Ebbers 7 minuten voor het einde aan de kant al zeggen, zou het mooi zijn wanneer de tegenstander niet meer zou scoren, de stand was op dat moment 22-11 en zo geschiedde het. De dames sluiten de wedstrijd af met een prachtige eindstand van 25-10.
P.S. De derde helft was ook top. Demi, koekenbakker van deze week, heeft een niet normaal lekkere Red Velvet taart gebakken. Deze werd in grote stukken 'de onze gemaakt'.

January 13, 2019

Ventura DS3 vs. Hercules DS3
Today we played our first match against Ventura DS3. In the beginning of the season we played a practice match, which we lost, because the referee did not show up, but now it was time to show Ventura we were better than them. However, finding the sports hall was really difficult, so after a two time visit to Delft and being stuck in a residential area, we found the sports hall.
Biebs was clear what he wanted from us; to play better than last week and win the match. We started off the match with some good defending and nice goals, but we were going head to head with Ventura. Then after some time in the first half, we finally were able to get ahead of Ventura and we started the second half with a score of 12 against 9. The message from Biebs was clear; keep this distance from Ventura till the end and if possible make it even bigger.
In the beginning of the second half we had a dip and Ventura came really close again, so close that it was a tie. We worked harder in the defence and were more careful when passing the ball and we managed to get ahead again. The last couple of minutes of the match were really intense because we had a lead by just one point. But luckily for us, Sophie was keeping the balls out of the goal and when the referee marked the end of the game, we were in lead with one point: 25 against 24. So now we have our first winning in 2019 and of course we are going to try to keep this up!

December 16, 2018

SC Twist DS3 vs. Hercules DS3

On the 16th of December it was time for the last match of the year for the Torius ladies. This match was played against SC Twist in Vlaardingen.

Since our team is still dealing with some injuries (Iris (ankle), Fleur (knee) and Sanne (shin)) and Charlotte is now ‘apres skiing’ in Austria, we have brought in extra helping force:

Inge to defend our goal and Tessa Persoon on the wing and back position.

We started with a good spirit and were soon the leading team. However, we had difficulty expanding our lead on the opponent. With the referee approving all kinds of defending fouls (on both sides), we had nothing to do than just score. Halfway through, the score was 13-9 in favour of our Torius ladies. With a quick reminder from Biebs in the break that it was important to follow his instructions and thereby play like we used to, we started the second half. Inge managed to keep out 2 penalties on our side and the defence was getting stronger. Nevertheless we still had some difficulties in scoring as much as we wanted, to renounce from the opponent. We could have won more convincingly, but it was without any doubt a victori(us): 17-24

November 11, 2018

Hercules DS3 vs. Roda '71 DS1
Last sunday was the day of the second competition match of the ladies. After the great start of winning the first match and our teamday last week, we'd like to continue this way. unfortunatly we still had 2,5 people with an injury so we started the match with just 2,5 extra ladies on the bench. The first 10-15 minutes, we were a little bit lost. there were many goals at both sides, but we didn’t keep up with the plan we set before. the second 15 minutes of the first half, our 6-0 defense was very strong. this led to a score of 6 - 8 for Roda. we played an exciting second half and we knew we had not lost this match yet. the whole match we were just 2 points behind. Our defense was very strong, which led to a savings percentage of  72% for Char. shoutout! unfortunately, the last couple attacks were a bit chaotic, and the match ended with a score of 14 - 16. although we lost the match, we always have cake to celebrate and we’re looking forward to winning our next match!

March 11, 2018

Hercules DS3 vs. Westlandia

This week we had to play against Westlandia. We never played against them so we did not know what to expect. Charlotte injured her pink which meant she could not defend our goal. Every team at Hercules played at the same time so Fleur Boel and Inge were going to defend our goal. Today we had a lot of coaches: Harold in the first half, Biebs in the second, Char and Tessa V. We started off the game quite good with some strong defense and we managed to score as well. After 10 minutes however the defense became a little bit less which gave Westlandia the opportunity to score some points. During half time it was 11 against 14 for Westlandia. With a motivational speech from Harold we started again optimistic in the second half. The defense still was not as it was supposed to be so Biebs instructed us to block every player coming in the 9 meter line. The attack did not go as smooth as it should have been going, but we still managed to score. After 60 minutes of game we were 19 against 26 for Westlandia. Too bad we did not win, again, but next week we have another opportunity to win! I want to thank Fleur and Inge for defending our goal very well and all our coaches for piloting us through our match.

February 25, 2018

Hercules DS3 vs. Dios
Hercules DS3 vs. EHC

This week was the make-up weekend for matches that had to be moved. After a very successful Hastu Tournament, we were ready for today as well! We had to play two matches; first against Dios and after that against EHC. For today we had a very professional look; Harold was coaching us in a suit! Our practice match against Dios went good so we were hopeful we could win this match. We started very strong and Dios had trouble getting through our defense. We had some trouble with shooting between the poles, so we were going head to head with Dios. At halftime it was 9 against 11 for Dios. We were really playing as a team and in the second half we were keeping up good as well. Unfortunately we did not shoot enough between the poles which resulted in a 14-17 victory for Dios. We have to play again against Dios so hopefully with some luck we can win that match. Some tears were shed after this match, but we had to play another match so with some Tosti building and positiveness we were ready for EHC. After already a match EHC may have thought we weren’t gonna fight for a win, but the first half started off very good and we were going in the break with a tie, 13 against 13. However, in the second half we couldn’t keep up with EHC. We played very good but in the end EHC won 21 against 25. I want to thank the girls from the old team for helping us out these two matches.

February 18, 2018

Hercules DS3 vs. WHC

After last week match we were psyched to play again this Sunday. We were playing against WHC in the beautiful city The Hague. This was a match we could possibly win with our speed and playing as a team. We started off quite good and we were keeping up with WHC. They had some good players who could score very easily in our defense at first so we had to put in some more effort in the defense. With this effort we got to keep it close quite good. In the offense we had some trouble with shooting inside the poles, but in the break we managed to have a 11 against 8 score (WHC was ahead of us). After a nice peptalk from Harold in the break we were all in for winning this match. Super motivated we started again but WHC managed to get ahead of us. Not because our defense wasn’t good, but our offense could use a little bit more power. In the end it was not enough to win the match from WHC. We lost 21 against 6 from WHC. The referee was maybe a bit sleeping but he was not that good and even Harold got a yellow card.
But we did not have sad faces very long because Charlotte baked us a very nice cake for her birthday!

February 11, 2018

Hercules DS3 vs. EHC

After a long period of no matches, we finally had another match. All the Torius teams played at Boswijk so there was a lot of support present. The Alumni Ladies gave a nice example on what to do: WIN! The previous match against EHC wasn’t a succes so we desperately wanted to do better and we wanted to get some points.
We started of very good; some very nice one on one actions and we managed to have a score of 4 against 2. EHC had some very nice tactics and they played very well with the line player which led to some goals against us. We were keeping up very good with EHC and this made the tension high; could this be our first victory? The crowd was cheering for every goal and we were playing good as a team, working for each other. The referees blew for halftime and we were in a tie with EHC. We had a scoop in the first half; Rosa made her first goal! (CONGRATULATIONS) Now everyone in the team has made a goal #goals. After some very motivational words from Biebs, we started again and the tension was very high. In the second half we managed to defense the line player and we were again head to head with EHC.
With about 3 more minutes to play we were one goal behind EHC. We put everything on everything to get in a tie and eventually win. We did everything we could, but with an unfortunate and unfairly 2 minutes suspension with that, we couldn’t get in ahead of EHC. When the time was up, the score was 23 against 25 for EHC.
But this is definitely a match to be proud of even though we didn’t win. We played as a team and everyone worked very hard. I want to thank Biebs for coaching us so good and the crowd for cheering us on the full 60 minutes!

November 12, 2017

Hercules DS3 vs. EHC

While others were celebrating 'de elfde van de elfde' or singing Sint Maarten songs, we headed off on our Saturday evening to Leidschendam for the second match of the season. As the first one had not yet provided us with a victory, we strived to take the points of this match to Delft. Although the time available for warming-up and coach speech was limited, we kicked off the match with some very promosing handball. Nice combinations were played and the score showed 4-6, great! Than somehow the match got a twist and EHC took over. What this twist resulted from... could be the referee that took some strange decisions, could be the transfer from a 6-0 to a 5-1 defense of EHC, or a combination. During the break, the score stagnated at 12-7. In the second half, we tried our best to keep up with EHC's pace, but did not always find the goal. Their strong big cirkel player also kept creating holes in our defense and receiving penalties. The match kind of escalated due to strong defense of EHC, some referee decision and a crowd that was going wild. We even received a red card, which was disgarded after the match fortunately. All in all, we learned a lot, fought together, but unfortunately a score of 28-17 as a result does not lie. Still, we managed to win the third half! Special thanks to our great supporters and substitutes Tessa and Rianne! See you next time at Oliveo...

October 29, 2017

Hercules DS3 vs. Velo DS2

Last Sunday it was time for the first competition match of the Torius ladies student team. Everybody was feeling nervous previous to the start of the game. We started of strong and were able to build up a 4 to 0 lead thanks to some good defence, goal keeping and good pressure in attack. Then then the ladies of Velo started to wake up and a tight game followed. We had some nice attacks, and the defence was working quite well. Unfortunately it was also noticeable that we haven’t been playing together for a long time, and some mistakes were made. At the end of the first half it was 14 to 13.

The second half was as tight as the first and we kept fighting as a team. In the end we just didn’t play smart enough and made some mistakes due to it being our first real match together. We just lost
with 21 to 23. Harold was still proud of us, of course there are a lot of things we can work on, but he complemented our persistence and team work. Charlotte had a fantastic first game in goal, and if we can get our attack a little more organised, we should be able to win our first game soon. Also a special thanks to Linda for helping us out and all supporters for cheering us on.

May 14, 2017

Westlandia DS2 vs. Hercules DS3

This Sunday, not only Feyenoord could become champions, also we, as the Torius Ladies, could become champions of the field competition. We played against Westlandia with a special team formation. Jan divided us in two teams of 6 because we were with 12 players. Halfway in the first and second half these teams would change completely. In the first playing team were: Rianne, Jozet, Rebecca, Linda, Marije and Laura. They started the match with five goals and they kept the defense well closed with only two goals against, of course also thanks to some great saves from Evianne. After a quarter the score was 6 against 2 and the second team was going into the field. The second team consisted of: Sabine, Nienke, Fleur, Sunna, Iris en Imke. They kept the defense closed and scored four goals which led to a score of 10 against 2 for us at the break.

In the break, Jan had nothing to tell; we were leading and he was confident that we would win the match. Instead of the standard talk, we made a team picture with all our sweaty heads. The first team started again and they were playing good with only one goal against and four for us. After fifteen minutes the second team started playing again. The first team was already celebrating the championship while the other team still needed to play for fifteen minutes. Some were so enthusiastic that they were celebrating for the opponent. With seven goals, of which three penalties, and four goals against the end signal was given. This meant that we were champions of the field competition.

It wasn’t our best game ever played, but we won and became champions for the second year on a row. Even in the Westland we had support with us, which is nice especially when becoming champions. After the game we had a lovely diner made by Jan en Jacqueline starting at their roof terrace enjoying the sun and finishing the wonderful day with a desert in their living room.

March 12, 2017

Hercules DS3 vs. Oliveo DS2

Today was our last match of the season. Of course, we wanted to end the season with a win, so we were all motivated to beat Oliveo.

We had a very fast start with our first goal in the first 30 seconds even though we started the game in defense. The first half went really well and in the break the score was 16 goals for us against 5 for Oliveo. Jan was happy with our performance till now, so the only thing he said during the break was to follow this trend and play a good second half as well.

We started the second half with a goal against us, but then we started scoring again. When the final whistle was blown by the referee, the score was 29 against 11 for us. This meant of course a victory for us and everybody (except Evianne) had scored today, so another victory. During this last match of the season we had a visit from talent scout Jacqueline who complimented us on our improvements during this season which is of course very nice to hear!


February 26, 2017

Hercules DS3 vs. DWS DS2

Last Sunday was an exciting match for us. If we would win we would keep our second place, if not, DWS would overtake us on the ranking list by becoming second. The bench was fully loaded and fortunately Rianne could play part of the game as well. We started off very good. In the first ten minutes we were able to get the ball in the net, while DWS was struggling. The defense was doing its job right and Evianne was being a supergoalie again. The rest of the first half was about the same and by the end of the first half it was 14 against 6 for us. Our opponent was also in it to win it, so it was a fierce and physical match.

The beginning of the second half had a low scoring pace for both parties. In the first 11 minutes both sides only scored three times. Because of the fierce play, multiple two minutes penalties were given with a total of five during the entire game. DWS managed to fight back since the score for the second half was 11 against 10. Perhaps we were a little bit tired, causing us not to play the best game anymore. Also, they started using an open defense which always seems to confuse us. Luckily we already showed them we were better during the first half. The final score was 25 against 16, meaning a final second place on the ranking list.

A very nice performance to be proud of as a team!

February 19, 2017

Verburch DS3 vs. Hercules DS3

With only three matches left and a second place on the ranking list we were preparing ourselves for a match against Verburch. Without Iris en Fleur who went off for some snow fun we were already missing some players. Unfortunately, Rianne missed the final steps of the stairs on Friday, causing her to miss this game as well. Luckily, we got some help during the match from Kimberly and we were ready for the game. We started by scoring two goals from Nienke and Rebecca. However, this didn’t give us enough strength to keep ahead and Verburch scored three goals bringing us behind. Kind of a wake up call for us to start scoring again and the goal of Kimberly brought us ahead with 7-4. During the first half, throwing and catching the ball didn’t seem our strongest point, causing a lot of loss of the ball and goals for Verburch. Thanks to Evianne we could keep our lead till the end of the first half, resulting in 9-8. We definitely needed a wake up call, but instead of becoming angry Jan gave us a Pep Up talk and we were ready for the second half.

Second half already started with a much different attitude. We started playing together like a team, nice passing, good pressure and playing some systems let us getting ahead with 17-9. Thanks to playing the systems a lot of space was created for the circle players. Rebecca really took us by the hand and lead us through the second half. Also defending was going better and Evianne was still going strong by letting only five balls pass. Unfortunately, in the last five minutes chaos came back again allowing them to score two more goals. Luckily, the match was already decided at this point with a final score of 22-13. All and all it was a very sportive game and hopefully we can play the next match like the first 25 minutes of the second half!


February 12, 2017

DES '72 DS1 vs. Hercules DS3

After a lost the previous weekend against Gemini, we were all ready to win this game. Before the match, the referee wanted to see all our faces to check, something new for us. The referee was about 1.50 if not smaller, but she was a good referee. We had a fast start and in three minutes we were three points ahead. Des then was more warmed up and they started to score too. We kept the lead the whole first half and in the last 10 minutes of the first half, we made the distance between Des bigger. The defense stood quite strong and people were really working for each other; we were playing as a team. At the end of the first half, we had a lead of 13 against 6. In the first half we scored five times from a break or a fast counterattack.

In the second half, we had a very good start and we scored the first 3 goals from a break; Des was maybe a bit tired. In the last 10 minutes of the second half, we lacked a little bit of attention and Des could score four times in a row while we did not score anything. Also Rebecca felt really unfortunate which led to her not continuing the game (luckily it wasn’t anything that serious). We had already a lead of 21 against 9 in the last 10 minutes, so the 3 points where still ours even though we didn’t played our best 10 minutes. In this game, from every positions somebody scored at least once, which is nice for the teamspirit. The end score was 21 against 13 and Jan can look back at a well played match.


January 29, 2017

HVV DS1 vs. Hercules DS3

After two defeats it was time to kick our own buts and get our spirits high for another match. We headed to Voorschoten for a match against HVV. On our previous encounter we kicked ass by beating them with 30-11, however no guarantees were given. The match started and in the offence some nice moves were made, however finding the goal still seemed difficult. Four minutes in the game and the score was 1-1. The defence and goalie were going strong, making sure only few balls hit the net. In the first 20 minutes, Nienke scores four times, Marije and Imke both score with a break and Fleur scores a penalty. Together with some other nice goals the score is 10-1 in the 20th minute. Seems like a nice start of the game. Then Rebecca and Linda are on fire, hitting the net five times together. HVV manages to score two more times and the first half ends by a nice pass from Evianne to Nienke who can score the final goal of the first half, resulting in 16-3.

For the past couple of practices Jan started training us how to play with an open defence. This seemed a good opportunity to put this into practice, which meant we were defending 5-1 for the first 10 minutes of the second half. Unfortunately this resulted in three goals for HVV and only one for us. Back to 6-0 defence and try keeping the lead. In the final 20 minutes Rianne scored some nice goals from mid-back position and the defence was stronger again. The match resulted in a 25-10 win which reflects a good first half and a lesser second half.

December 11, 2016

Oliveo DS2 vs. Hercules DS3

The final match of this calendar year was against Oliveo. After losing from them last year we were a little bit hesitant about what to expect. Luckily, we had two fans on the tribune and not to forget awesome timekeepster Leah. A short reunion between Jan and the referee and then it was time to start the game. After 2 minutes played, Rebecca breaks through the defense, resulting in our first goal. This gives us a good dose of courage and goals by Linda and Rianne bring us ahead with 3-0 after 4:30 minutes. In the next ten minutes we don’t manage to score while Oliveo hits the net twice, making them catch up. Luckily this gives us a wake-up call and Linda scores the fourth goal, making sure we stay ahead. Playing well in the offence gives Rianne opportunities, scoring four goals from the corner in the first 30 minutes. After the first half, the result is 9-6 for Torius. During the break, tips were given by Charlotte and injured Nienke and with good confidence we went off to the second half. Already in the first minute Rebecca breaks through the defence again bringing our score to double digits. Oliveo scores another three times in the first 9 minutes, but after that our defence was well organized and Evianne was doing so well that they don’t manage to score anymore. Unfortunately, the final minutes couldn’t pass without injuries and Imke had to be taken off the field by Jan. We all hope that she will be fine soon! In the end the final score was 21-9 for Torius, celebrating another victory!

November 20, 2016

Gemini DS3 vs. Hercules DS3

Op zondag 20 november stond de uitwedstrijd tegen Gemini op het programma. In het begin was het weer even aftasten wat we van de tegenpartij konden verwachten, maar na 3 minuten werd er eindelijk gescoord door Nienke. Helaas werden we in de minuten erna bestraft met een 2 minuten tijdstraf voor Rebecca en een penalty. Gelukkig was de penalty ongeldig verklaart door een voetfout en liep het gelijk op, doordat Gemini nog een penalty in haar voordeel kreeg. Maar na 10 minuten was de diesel goed opgewarmd en wisten we de voorstand uit te bouwen naar 4-10 in de 22e minuut. We wisten steeds beter om te gaan met de 5-1 verdediging van Gemini door afwisselend spel te spelen. Daarentegen werden veel schoten van Gemini geblokt door de verdediging en onze keeper. De eerste helft eindigde met nog een aantal snelle aanvallen en een penalty voor Gemini, waardoor we met 6-13 de rust in gingen.

In de 2e helft ging Gemini meer gebruik maken van haar cirkel. Ze wisten op verschillende manieren te scoren en hadden daarbij een penalty goed benut. Wij haalden vooral profijt uit onze systemen, waarbij we de balsnelheid in de aanval probeerde te verhogen. Halverwege kregen de Torius dames last van een dip en werden ze steeds harder aangepakt door de tegenpartij. Hierdoor waren we geneigd om te moeilijk te doen, wat resulteerde in een aantal tegendoelpunten. Het was lastig om rust te bewaren in ons spel, maar gelukkig wisten we ons in de laatste 7 minuten weer te herpakken. Bij 18-23 klonk het eindsignaal. Met tot nu toe 4 van de 5 wedstrijden gewonnen te hebben, kunnen we terugkijken op een mooie stand in de poule!

October 30, 2016

Hercules DS3 vs. WHC Den Haag DS3
De eerste thuiswedstrijden van het seizoen!

Na ruim een half jaar was het zo ver. We speelden weer een thuis wedstrijd in de zaal van het sport centrum van de TU Delft! Dit betekende dat we eerst de heren konden zien spelen in een bloedstollend spannende wedstrijd tegen Nijenrodes HS1. Met deze mooie wedstrijdvoorbereiding en het publiek, begonnen we vol goede moed aan de wedstrijd tegen de Wings Hermes Combinatie Den Haag. De eerste twee schoten van ons konden helaas het doel nog niet vinden, maar gelukkig hield onze keepster ons eigen net in de eerste paar minuten ook nog leeg. Na 3 minuten, kwam dan toch het eerste tegendoelpunt. Het ging redelijk gelijk op, maar het lukte ons niet meer om voor te staan. In de 23e minuut stond het 7-8 voor WHC. Coach Jan deed zijn best om de wit-blauwe machine draaiende te houden, maar het werd er niet beter op. Niet iedereen zat lekker in het spel en er werd onnodig balverlies geleden. Dit konden we niet veroorloven tegen de tegenpartij die scherp schoot vanaf de 2e lijn. We gingen daardoor met een stand van 8-13 de rust in.
Met heldere taal werd iedereen weer herinnerd aan de afspraken die we voor de wedstrijd hadden gemaakt en gingen we over in een 5-1 verdediging. Ondanks dat de verdediging goed stond, hadden we moeite om het net te vinden in de aanval en liep de achterstand op tot 8-16 door de break-outs van de tegenpartij. Het lukte ons niet meer om dit gaat te dichten. Na bijna een jaar de punten in huis te hebben gehouden, bleek WHC te sterk voor ons en klonk het fluit signaal bij 14-25. Ondanks dat we hadden verloren, was het wel een sportief team om tegen te spelen en hopen we deze ervaring weer mee te kunnen nemen naar onze volgende wedstrijd! Volgende week zondag spelen we tegen DWS in Schiedam.

October 23, 2016

Saturnus Leiden DS2 vs Hercules DS3
Dames Torius nipt naar winst in eerste zaalwedstrijd

De dames van Hercules DS3, a.k.a. Torius zijn afgelopen zondag 23 oktober 2016 goed aan de zaalcompetitie begonnen, na een gelijkopgaande wedstrijd werd Saturnus Leiden DS2 verslagen met 13-14.

De Torius dames hadden de veldcompetitie als voorbereiding gebruikt om in de zaal te kunnen gaan vlammen. Aangezien het team echter in de aller laagste veldklasse speelde, ondervonden de studenten niet veel weerstand. De dames konden wel goed de snelle tegenaanval oefenen, die meer dan eens een geducht wapen bleek, en er kon ook nog van het weer genoten worden: 6 van de 7 wedstrijden werden in een heerlijk najaarszonnetje gespeeld.

Na vorig jaar kampioen te zijn geworden, speelt DS3 dit jaar in een voor hen nieuwe poule, met veelal onbekende tegenstanders. Zo ook Saturnus Leiden DS2. Er werd dus afgesproken van het eigen spelletje uit te gaan. Na het begin signaal moesten de Torius dames duidelijk wennen aan de weerstand die Saturnus bood. De tegenstanders pakten flink aan in de dekking en wisten het spel van van de dames te ontregelen. Pas na 8 minuten wisten de dames het net te vinden, en stond het 2-1 in het voordeel van Saturnus. De dames van Torius wisten daarna snel gelijk te maken, maar direct liep Saturnus weer uit naar een 6-2 tussenstand na 15 minuten. De afstandsschutters werden toen gelukkig wakker en vlak voor rust resulteerde een aantal mooie aanvallen in een gelijke stand. Saturnus prikte echter vlak voor het rustsignaal nog een bal in het doel, zodat er gerust werd met een 10-9 achterstand.

In de rust werden de afspraken nog een keer herhaald en vol goede moed werd aan de tweede helft begonnen. Aan beide kanten werd goed verdedigd en het duurde bijna 10 minuten voordat er in de tweede helft gescoord werd. Een mooie pegel vanaf de tweede lijn in de kruising betekende een gelijke stand, 10-10. Even later wisten de dames van Torius voor het eerst in de wedstrijd bij 11-12 de leiding te pakken, en deze zelfs uit te bouwen naar 12-14, met nog 8 minuten op de klok bleef het ijzingwekkend spannend… de verdediging liet aan beide kanten niets door en de ploegen bleven elkaar in evenwicht houden. Pas in de laatste seconden, toen de winst de dames van Torius niet meer kon ontgaan, wist Saturnus nog 1 maal te scoren en zo stond er een eindstand van 13-14 op het scorebord.

Volgende week zondag, 30 oktober speelt Hercules DS3 de eerste thuiswedstrijd in het sportcentrum van de TU Delft, om 15:30 is het haagse WHC DS3 de tegenstander.


March 22, 2016

Met gepaste trots (dames Torius kampioen). Van een aanstaande kampioen wil je altijd winnen de tegenstander krijgt iets extra's. Dat waren de waarschuwingen vooraf. In misschien wel de beste 10 minuten van het seizoen sloopte de Torius aanval de EHC muur met als stuwende kracht Jozet die in de eerste 10 minuten 4x scoorde. Voorsprong 10-5. Daarna werd het minder EHC scoorde 4 x op rij wat uiteindelijk resulteerde in een ruststand van 10-12 in ons voordeel. Paniek(zenuwen)sloeg toe in het begin van de tweede helft we kwamen met 1 doelpunt zelfs achter 14-13. Verdedigende taktiek werd veranderd van een 6-0 naar een 5-1 en daarna vrouw dekking op de keyplayer van EHC. Nienke sloopte no 9 van EHC en Imke stond haar vrouwtje in de punt van de verdediging. De wedstijd kantelde en zoals zo vaak gaven conditie, schotkracht en snelheid ons de bekende kracht in het laatste kwartier. Vanaf 14-16 Torius heer en meester op het veld de cruciale 7 meter was raak en het kampioenschap binnen.
We kijken al uit naar zondag 20 maart om het super te vieren what ever de uitslag may be.

February 21, 2016

Zondag 21 februari speelden we in het sportcentrum van de TU Delft weer een belangrijke wedstrijd in de strijd om het kampioenschap. De tegenstander was Oliveo DS3. De uitwedstrijd tegen Oliveo ging helaas verloren, tot nu toe onze enige verliespunten deze competitie. Dit wilden we graag zo houden en het beloofde dus een spannende wedstrijd te worden! Beide ploegen leken wat zenuwachtig aan de wedstrijd te beginnen en de eerste schoten belandden daardoor aan beide kanten op de keepster of het houtwerk. Wij wisten na 3 minuten de score te openen via een doelpunt van de vrijgespeelde cirkelloopster. Vlak daarna wist  Oliveo gelijk te maken en 4 minuten later waren ze uitgelopen naar een 1-4 voorsprong. Tot dat moment hadden we mooie snelle combinaties laten zien, maar werd vooral het houtwerk getest.  Toen de zenuwen wat meer onder controle waren, werden de snelle tegenaanvallen goed benut en kon er door ons weer een kleine voorsprong worden gepakt. De rest van de eerste helft gingen beide ploegen gelijk op en trakteerden de toeschouwers zo op een spannende pot handbal. Met een minimale voorsprong gingen we uiteindelijk de rust in: 10-9. Opvallend was dat meer dan de helft van de doelpuntenproductie van de dames van Oliveo afkomstig was uit strafworpen (5). De tweede helft wisten we al snel afstand te nemen van Oliveo. Vanuit een solide dekking werd goed gebruik gemaakt van de break en de snelle tegenaanval. Een mooi schot vanuit de tweede lijn bracht de tussenstand na 10 minuten in de tweede helft op 17-11. Ook in de rest van de tweede helft bleven we goed op snelheid spelen. Met nog 5 minuten te spelen stond er een voorsprong van 15-24 op het scorebord en was de wedstrijd gelopen. Oliveo kon nog profiteren van wat concentratieverlies in de dekking en wist de einduitslag te bepalen op 25-18. Elke week wordt er in de training veel nadruk gelegd op snelheid en het was leuk om te zien dat dit effect heeft! Voor ons is elke wedstrijd nu een finale, te beginnen volgende week, als we thuis mogen aantreden tegen Warmunda /MSV.

March 13, 2016

We are the Champions!!!
Afgelopen zondag 13 maart speelden de dames van Hercules DS3 aka Torius hun kampioenswedstrijd. Er was nog 1 punt nodig om het kampioenschap definitief binnen te halen.
Strijdtoneel was sporthal de Fluit in Leidschendam en de tegenstanders de dames van EHC DSx. Een extra bijzondere wedstrijd voor Fleur, aangezien ze tegen haar oude club speelde. Na een kort praatje van Jan gingen we de zaal in en wisten we wat ons te doen stond. We begonnen goed en geconcentreerd aan de wedstrijd en stonden al gauw met 1-4 voor. Met mooie combinaties werd de verdediging van EHC zoek gespeeld, en het leek erop dat het net zoals de week ervoor snel
een uitgemaakte zaak zou zijn. Maar niets was minder waar. Het leek erop dat we tehard van startwaren gegaan. Na een kwartier sloegen ineens de zenuwen toe en kon EHC van een 5-10 achterstand terugkomen tot een 10-12 ruststand. In de rust werden nog eens de belangrijkste zaken besproken. Het kan beter en dat zijn de zenuwen waren de uitspraken die de eerste helft typeerden. Na rust kwam EHC terug in de wedstrijd en wist zelfs voor het eerst een voorsprong te pakken: 14-13. Op dat moment richtte het team zich op en vanuit een gewijzigde dekking, wisten we snel de wedstrijd weer naar onze hand te zetten met 3 doelpunten op rij. EHC toonde zich een waardige tegenstander en aangemoedigd door enthousiaste jeugd op de tribune wisten ze nog een keer tot op 1 punt te komen: 19-20. De laatste vijf minuten wisten we definitief afstand te nemen en konden na het eindsignaal een klein feestje vieren. Uiteindelijk was de eindstand 19-23. Onder de douche ging het feestje verder met prosecco, elsa champagne (appelsap met prik voor de bestuurders 😉 ) en een nieuw couplet van hét enige echte Torius lied. Het bleef nog lang onrustig in Leidschendam, want na de wedstrijd waren we bij de ouders van Fleur uitgenodigd om een drankje en een hapje te komen doen. Dat was welkom na zo'n spannende wedstrijd en uiteindelijk gingen we – toch wel een beetje moe – terug naar Delft terug. Volgende week doen we het feestje nog een keertje over, beide Torius teams spelen dan hun laatste wedstrijd van het seizoen, thuis in de sporthal van de TU Delft. De heren starten om 14:15 en de dames spelen aansluitend om 15:30. Iedereen is van harte welkom bij deze wedstrijden! We hopen op zo veel mogelijk publiek om dit feestje met ons mee te vieren!