Hey Torians,
We, the Buttcie, want to indicate how many of you want to join the international tournament. The tournament is going to cost around 150 to 200 euros. For this price you will get an enrollment for an outdoor tournament on grass, a sleepingplace in a hall, a party and a sideactivity in one of to nicest cities of europe during Pentecost (May 26-29). The city will be on a 3 to 5 hour drive from Delft. Maybe you can figure out where we’re going from this 😉. If you’re hyped for this amazing experience please let us know by filling in the form. If you want some more information you can send a mail to internationaltournament@torius.nl. Note: This is not a Sign-up form it is just to see how many people would like to join the tournament. Thank you!
The buttcie