Do you remember the helpfull advise from the puberty magazines about all your first times? No 🤷‍♂? Well you missed out, because these were very funny. But don’t worry, now you can ask your questions to us!
We are all students and have a lot on our plates. Busy times create supressed feelings 🤯. To that end, the RedacCie has created ToriWise for all your personal, randy and cute questions about anything. For example, how do I best ask someone out without saying I love them right away? We are here to help you through these tough times and will answer every question with equal love and depth ❤. No question is too weird for us and even more important you can ask them anonymously. Are you struggling with something and would like an answer as soon as possible? Fill in this form and we will take action. A small disclaimer we are no professionals, so the answer might not make any sense.

Love, the RedacCie ❤

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