Dear Torian,

The ButtCie (Buitenlandse Toernoei Commissie, or International Tournament Commission) would like to go on an international tournament with you! Via this form you can sign-up to go with us to the city of Düsseldorf in Germany. The deadline for signing up is March 31st 23:59.

Please read the following information before signing up, as it might influence your choices:

The tournament is during the Pentecost weekend. On Friday the 26th of May we will leave around 17:00 from Delft, make sure you already plan ahead and finish your deadlines in time, or ask your boss to leave a few hours in advance. On Monday the 29th of May we expect to be back in Delft before 21:00.

The cost for the tournament will be approximately 150 Euros. This will include a nice trip with a bus  towards and back from the tournament (if there are enough sign-ups, so hype your fellow Torians as otherwise we will go by train (also nice)), a tournament with two days of playing handball, a trip to the city with a nice activity, a tournament party, a place to sleep in a sports hall (so bring your air mattress and sleeping bag), food, a themed outfit for the party, and maybe even more! Your typical (non-)alcoholic beverages during the trip and parties will not be provided.

During the weekend there will be two days of playing matches, one half day and one full day. If you join playing handball, you will have to play on both days. If you are joining for the gezelligheid (so not playing handball), we expect you to cheer on the Torius teams for one day, the other day you are free to explore the city.

The tournament is played outdoors. This means you will be playing on an artificial grass pitch, take old handball shoes or outdoor handball shoes with you. Studded shoes might not be allowed, so if you take those, make sure to also bring shoes without studs.

If the weather is too bad to play outdoors, the tournament will take place indoors. If you sign up for the gezelligheid, you will not have a place in one of the teams, even if we will go indoors. You can fill in that you will take handball stuff just in case someone cannot play, however this will not guarantee you a place in the team.

Your personal data will be stored in accordance with our GDPR.