Interest form gents competition Torius 2021-2022

Important to read first!

Coming season the regular NHV competition will be held again after being cancelled last year due to the corona pandemic! Due to the increased interest we, as the board, believe we can fill two gents teams. To make sure this is still the case we would like to know whether you are interested to play competition and if you are, which team has your preference.

Currently two teams will mean that we will have one team in the 1st class and one in the so called "breedtesport" (or 3rd class). This 1st class team will be mostly playing against the teams we faced in the 2nd class plus some new 1st class teams, so the level of handball will be quite high and competitive if we have ambitions. The breedtesport team will be playing against teams that are less competitive, but like to play matches because they enjoy handball (eg. students, ex high level players, groups of friends). We think this team would be a great addition to Torius for members that want to enjoy playing matches but not (yet) on a high/competitive level, players that are new to handball, players who came back from an injury etcetera..

Keep in mind that this form is only used to guide the decision whether we want two teams, so it is not a signup form or application to one of the two teams.


Your personal data will be stored for 3 weeks to facilitate contact tracing. After this your data will be deleted.