The FeesCie is a committee within Torius that organizes a big party for all Torians at the beginning of the academic year. The FeesCie will only be preparing this party over the summer, so it’s not a full year committee. The party will be themed and gives a nice opportunity to get to know the new members and to get your dance moves up to date. All will be prepared well by the FeesCie so you only have to buy a ticket and get yourself a beautiful outfit!  

Chairwoman: Sarah
Secretary: Demi
Treasurer: Wout
Extern: Mascha
Commissioner of booze: Eva
QQ’er: Niek

FeesCie 21.22 Group picture


The Actie is a full year committee within Torius that organizes activities throughout the academic year, usually every quarter there will be two activities. Some activities are spontaneous and others return every year. All you can fry, Toriusklaas and Valentine dinner are really fun activities which you will be able to attend annually. The activities are open for all Torians so feel free to join them!


The BeachCie is the committee that is responsible for all beach related handball within Torius. They organize the beach practices in the summer months on the beach fields of X. In order to do this they keep all the beach materials in good shape, ask trainers and setup the field before the practice starts. Once or twice a year they also organize a so called “Torius beachday” for which we move all our beach handball equipment to a nearby beach and play a tournament within Torius. This day is always a lot of fun and attended by a lot of (old) Torians. Thus this is the committee for all the beach and sand lovers under us!

Beachie foto website


The Acqui is the committee responsible for the extra income and sponsor deals of the association. We contact donors, companies and other people that might be interested in sponsoring Torius. This could be in cash, but also in-kind for example as in tournament shirts, food and drinks at a match or materials. The Acqui has created the Torius sponsor brochure and tries to convince people why Torius is such a nice association to help!


The ToernooiCie is a committee within Torius that makes sure we can all go to student tournaments in the Netherlands & abroad. Torius itself does not organise a tournament here in Delft, but this committee mainly takes care of the contact with other organisations, transport, team arrangement and party outfits.

Everyone is always looking forward to the tournaments because they combine handball with fun theme parties where you can have a great weekend with your fellow Torians. 

This is a very nice committee where you have a more relaxed time in the first half of the year and a bit more busy in the second half.


The Promo is a committee within Torius that is responsible for, as the name suggests, the promotion of Torius. This includes distributing and making posters, stickers, pens etc. but also maintaining the social media, the website and making pictures for example at activities and tournaments.

Furthermore, the Promo also delivers three so-called 'Torretjes' every year. This is the club magazine of Torius that looks back on what we have done in the last few months, but also contains nice columns written by fellow Torians. A pleasant committee in which you can put your creativity to good use!


We are the OWeeCie committee, we try to get many members interested in Torius! Every year you can find us at SEARCH@X and the 'Sportfeest'. You can recognize us by our blue clothes and Torius logos. Next to this we organise a OWee BBQ for all members and everyone who is interested in Torius to meet each other! After the two weeks of open practices we even will organise a new members dinner, for all new members to get to know each other!

Chairman: Tomas

Secretary: Anne Lynn

Treasurer: Tim

Extern/promo: Sander

QQ’er: Eva

QQ’er: Marjolein



The TechCie is a committee within Torius that will maintain a technical policy for the competition teams and practices. This means increasing the level of all players by adapting the practices to the level of the players. Because of this committee both the individual as well as the joint level of the players will increase while still having a fun time together. We start technique practices at the beginning of the year for (new) members who just started playing handball. Furthermore, the TechCie is responsible for the demand of new materials. We are aiming for practices to have a clear focus path over the weeks, therefore the practices will be supported with short video clips of handball playing systems which players can watch any time.