Signup form all you can fry!

It’s time for the last activity of Actie 31 and it is a big one! We are frying EVERYTHING. On monday the 30th of August, as a fresh start for an amazing year with Torius, we will all sit back at Mekelpark and relax while frying stuff. In everything can fry we will, literally, fry anything. So take the stuff you’ve always wanted to fry and you can fry it!
We will start at 18:00 and we will stop frying at 21:00. After that we can still hang out with some beers.
We will provide eggs, flower and bread-crumbs but you have to bring what you want to fry yourself.
We will also bring some beers and snacks.

So are you up for a beer, for talking about everything you have done over the holidays and would you like to see everyone again? Sign up for everything can fry now!

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