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It is time! Time for the second offline activity that the Actie organizes this year! We’re going hunting! But not for real of course, we planned for you an amazing Scavenger Hunt/Crazy 31 in Delft. In groups of four you will cycle all around Delft and do fun actievities with the members of the Actie. Furthermore, the assignments we give you for the Crazy 31 can be done while cycling from one place to another. The evening will end with all of us eating a delicious pizza in ‘t Delftse Hout in groups of 4 (but of course we can move around and talk to everyone).

The activity will take place on the 8th of June, sadly we can not predict the weather, so in case of rain the activity will be postponed until the 15th of June. But of course we are prepared for anything, so in case of rain we will have a fun and cozy movie night with all of you!

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