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Join us in an amazing (online) night full of tastiness.  On Tuesday the 4th of May around 18:00 we will cook an amazing meal with all Torians! We will have a 3 course meal until around 20:30 and afterwards we will all drink a delicious golden rakker and play a few fun games!

And you don't even have to think about what to eat that night! We will give you all a recipe with all the ingredients that you have to buy, and we can even get you a nice refreshing drink to go with it. We will then cook the recipe live, so that all of you can imitate it and make an amazing meal! Sign up before May 1st to be able to get a drink.

Oh and in case the corona measures allow it, you can visit your friend to have fun cooking together!

Your personal data will be stored for 3 weeks to facilitate contact tracing. After this your data will be deleted.