Torius SinterKerst&Nieuw

Friday, December 14

December will be upon us, and with it the holiday season. Starting with Sinterklaas the 5th of December, later Christmas and last but not least new year’s eve. And it would be nice to celebrate this together, but to have three events in a month is a bit too much. This is why this year we will have Torius SinterKerst&Nieuw the 14th of December. In this way we can still celebrate every holiday together! This is on a Friday so it is easier to combine with study and work. Since we celebrate Toriusklaas every year together and some people are already looking forward to it, we already want to announce the date. Later this month we will give all the details about the evening. But maybe already think of some neat and some stupid gifts to give away ;).

For older Torians, don’t worry, the setup will be the same as it used to be with Toriusklaas, we will just have more kinds of food and decoration!